I find myself with time on my hands, for one that is used to working 3/12 hour shifts and travel time from home to job site, this is a bit much.  Packing is almost done and believe me I have taken my time but the van has been semi packed for a week.  The house is in as good of a shape as it will ever be in, theres only so much you can do.  So with all that said I have time to go to my grandson’s soccer game, spend some time with my girls and generally do nothing.

Doing nothing.  I don’t think it is in my psychic makeup to do nothing.  I find it depressing and don’t really understand how one can do nothing day after day, month after month.  Even on vacations you do something, tweek your schedule, decide what you need/ don’t need, where you will stay, how to set up camp, that sort of thing.  To literally do nothing all day….ugggh.

I know people who have made a career of doing nothing, excel at it but I have to wonder how happy they really are?  Maybe I just don’t understand the art of doing nothing?  Maybe I don’t understand the concept of relaxing at all?  Although I like to think I can relax, doing nothing while actually doing something.  What an oxymoronic statement if there ever was one.  🙂

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