Unemployment and Vacation

It took me sometime to recover from working 10/14 day 12 hour shifts in the Emergency Department.  Rained almost the whole time and I gained 10 pounds, yay me.  But I’m back in the world of the living and getting excited and impatient for our trip.  I must report that I love the new van!  I live about 130 miles from my now old job and it drove like a champ. I wasn’t even waiting for it to break down!  So now I feel much safer although a bit more broke.   But we will make it work, if  we can skip past the convenience store coffee,  fridge magnets, and fast foods.

We have 5 days to go and I have the van packed already for the most part. The only thing not in there are our clothes, fishing gear, kitchen stuff and our bikes.  Kitchen stuff taking up a small plastic tub and our clothes not much at all. I wanted to make it so that if we needed to we could sleep in the van. vanpack

Most in the back seat is food, that will quickly be replaced as we go along freeing up some space should we need it.  After that is depleated  we will buy for the day or for a couple days, except the snacks, I hope they last a long time.  In the very back are the things to set up our sites, tent, chairs, and bedding.  It actuall does leave space to sleep if we take the bikes out.  I’m very excited, next week we at this time we should be in Florida.  Hopefully the weather will hold out for us.

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