I Bought A Van

I bought a van with our trip money.  Not that we’re not going on the trip, I bought it for the trip. Minimum down payment, high interest rates and I still bought it.  Yes, when you have poor credit you pay high interest rates.

We had already been across country on the Trail Blazer and it was breaking down every other month and I just didn’t trust it.  However, now I have a car payment that was not figured into the traveling budget.  Neither was repairing the Blazer along the way and having to pay for lodging when it did break down so I guess it evens out? Maybe?  It just makes me a little more nervous about money for the trip.

Not that we had a lot for the trip, we don’t.  So it’s going to be a much more budget friendly adventure than I had originally planned and that’s ok.  Maybe.  I just don’t want to be miserable for lack of funds.  Perhaps that will be the adventure, seeing the US with little money without being hungry or stranded somewhere I definitely don’t want to be.

It can be done, has been done by many people, just not me.  Will it take so much planning that it won’t be worth it?  Can we just fly by the seat of our pants and  enjoy ourselves?  There is so much I want to do, to see, to experience on this adventure.  One more week of work and then another week of packing, cleaning, re-packing and May 1st,  finally, leaving.

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