Tent Camping Across the US

We, my husband and I,  have set our sights on a new grand adventure, tenting (for the most part) across the US.  I must say I am a bit anxious about this endeavor is putting it mildly.  We have the route figured out for the first 10 days, leaving Virginia hugging the coast until we get to Florida. State Parks, private campgrounds and national forest are all paid for which is no small feat. This however does put us on a schedule and doesn’t allow for the inevitable things that can go wrong, will.  But it also is comforting in a weird sort of way,  both of us decompressing from work, getting used to pitching the tent, finding out what does and doesn’t work.  After the Florida trek we are pretty much going to be coasting along across Texas to California using BML land and national parks.  Planning a week or so in advance with a “we’re going in this direction” mindset.

We have 3 weeks to go until we leave which means our living room is a staging area for supplies, packed and repacked. Making sure I at least know where everything on the master list is. I spent a whole day tearing the house apart looking for my bicycle tire pump, needless to say I loaned it to my daughter who promises me she will get it to me ASAP. packing

We will be leaving in May so trying to decide on heat versus a fan, cold weather versus hot weather clothes.  Whether we are going to take electic versus propane cooking gear and such  is proving complicated.   Space will be very limited and lugging any extra gear out every couple of days will be tiresome and mailing it back home could be expensive.

I am very excited about this adventure too, it’s not all anxiety producing!  Three months have been allotted for the trip.  If we find somewhere that we just fall in love with then a possible travel assignment might be in the works, who knows?  After the 3 months bills will becoming due again and we will have to do something to make a living.


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