Creating Balance

I was telling my husband all the great things I am yesterday.  Wife, mother, grandmother, bicyclist, camper, writer, nurse, coupon boss, recycler, memory hoarder and other grand titles and it dawned on me that I really am lacking balance.  I am a project maker never a project finisher.

I am planning the trip to Alaska, couponing and working extra to save money and while doing that my other projects go by the wayside.  Yesterday was the first day I have been on my bike in ages,  I have written nothing and I am starting to hate my job.  I need balance, a schedule, something!

How can I possibly do everything I want to do if I have no discipline at home. What will I be like on the road for three or more months?  Do I block schedule times for each activity I want to do?  Do I say F*** it and concentrate on one thing at the time? No, that wouldn’t work, something inevitably wouldn’t get done.

So, after just completing that sentence I think I  have to at least schedule times, in general for things.  Different things can be combined, recycling and biking perhaps. Using coupons and biking or trip planning and using coupons.  Memory hoarding, which is what I call doing something with all my photos.  That  is something that can’t be combined with anything so that will have to be one of those one thing only projects.

How do you fit everyday regular things into this project free for all? Cooking, cleaning, driving back and forth to work?  I drive 3 hours to my job and stay for 3 days, more if I do overtime. I am basically living in a hotel for 3 days a week, plus drive time.  How do you exercise in a semi crappy hotel and it’s dark when you get off work.  Not to mention being dead tired from working?  Couponing and writing should be easy in the hotel but it’s not.  It’s flu season and what is generally hard work has become exhausting work.

I feel like I have asked more questions than answers, hopefully I will come up with some solutions. image

Hotel living at it’s finest!