Camping and the Evils of Pinterest

tentredrockI have tent camped most of my adult life.  Personally, I like the tub method of sorting and obtaining supplies.  One tub for the kitchen, one for the tent/air mattresses/blankets or sleeping bags and all the gear that goes with that, one for light, electric and emergency supplies.   This has worked well for us until I went on Pinterest.   I never knew I was packing so wrong and missing so many creature comforts of the camping experience.  But I did go there and now I will need a separate vehicle just for supplies!

I have a strange relationship with Pinterest.  I am the owner of 42, yes, 42 boards of various things that have caught my interest over time.  I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud that I have 42 boards.  But be that as it may I was searching camping, supplies, hacks and whatnot.  To tell you the truth my head hurts.

We have tent camped from Virginia to Washington State to LA and back home again. Haphazard as it was, it was minimalist, it worked, and it fit in the Trail Blazer.   Now I must go to the store and get a bucket and pool noodles for a toilet, kid foam flooring and a fold up kitchen to lug across the country.   Rugs to keep dirt out of your tent,  poles for your lantern,  a hand washing station separate from the spigot that we have been using for years.  Hanging dishes in a tentmesh bag, belts for you cookware to hang from the trees and pool noodles attached to your tie downs so you don’t trip in the middle of the night.  How did we ever make it in the wilderness?

I know, Pinterest is for ideas. You have to pick and choose what makes sense for what you’re doing, where you will be going and how long you will be on the road.  Since this trip across the US will last a few months I can’t be a camping “junky” and really need to think about how we will use the stuff , multiple uses and how economical it will be.  Decisions, decisions!

My Pinterest boards.

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