National Parks



Smokey Mountains

There are 59 National Parks in the US, I have visited 18 of them.  That leaves 41 for me to complete my bucket list.  As I am doing research for our US road trip I have learned that there are 417 national park sites but only 59 have the actual “National Park” in their name.  There are battlefields, memorials, parkways, reserves and seashores and much more than just parks. The best information regarding the national park sites is from the NPS website,  here.  What an awesome legacy we leave to the younger generation that rarely goes outside anymore.  As I write this President Trump has made efforts to take some of the land from Bear Ears and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  Two places that I haven’t seen but will make sure to include them in our trip before they no longer exist.  The world has become smaller and I fear that the land is too valuable for the greedy to “waste.” That, of course depends on your definition of waste.  So, I will  attempt to see as many of the national parks as I can with this trip.

We will travel through 25 states, more or less and the Yukon territory of Canada if everything goes according to plan. Starting in Virginia we will make out way down the East Coast to Florida, follow I 10 until we get to Texas.  We will spend quite a bit of time in Texas, going to Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and the Rio Grande Scenic River.  I am most excited about Big Bend.  Before my mother died from cancer we had made plans to go there so that will be a tribute to her.  We will then head to San Diego, California and head north through Northern Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming to Alaska.  It will be an adventure of a lifetime!


Yosemite National Park

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