I Am a Terrible Blogger!

38122301814_19fe98dc3d_o (1)We did make it Florida and down the coast, over 600 miles!  I lived!  Man, what an adventure that should have been put to words.  I didn’t.  I was busy trying to cycle, trying to make miles, trying to live the experience.  I do have some grand memories to write about!  I found out that I love my brother and would be his friend even if we weren’t siblings.  I realized that I could do anything I wanted with a little preparation and training.  I will relate these experiences in the days to come.  I am also planning my and my husbands trip to Alaska.  Four months of working hard and then we’re off. This is going to be a super budget trip, camping, glamping and hotels along the way. I hope, I hope to be better disciplined with writing especially since we will be in a car. I love planning trips almost as much as I love taking them. Since my husband has no interest in the planning phase I will be making most of my notes here. At least it will be in one place!

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