We Made it to Florida!

Yes, we made it to Florida. A thousand miles for my brother and roughly 500 for me. All with relatively few hiccups. My brother, George, henceforth know simply as G had some car trouble at the beginning of his journey. He has, like most of us do many computer parts in his car that decided to quit communicating . He had it repaired only for it to stop communicating again once it got here. But the always piddling brother of mine got it fixed long enough to drop the car off at storage. That and an expensive hotel room, who knew Jacksonville was having a game Sunday things went pretty well for me.

So it’s close to 6 am day 2 and I’m sitting on a picnic table waiting on my coffee to boil and the fog so thick I thought it was raining. I slept horribly having set my tent up right on a root that crossed just under my hip. Tossed and turned all night with my hip and thinking it was raining.

We are camping on a naval base which is quite interesting for me. Sailors up at the butt crack of dawn doing PT. Running in fog while I’m trying to discretely pee behind a palm tree. Ships moving out of the harbor as soon as the fog lifts and the sea birds fishing for their morning breakfast.

The sun has burned off the fog and it should be warming up soon. I have to shake out the things I left on the picnic table to dry, lesson learned, everything can get wet whether it’s raining or just fog.

It is time to get busy with day 2, drying out the tent!

Four Days and Counting

I had a whole blog post about the things you learn while bicycling in Virginia that I thought funny and informative and my notes that I wrote on the trail magically disappeared as well as a check for 130 dollars from the dentist.  Not to mention that I have a cold, third one this season and four days to go until I leave for my bike ride in Florida.  So, lessons learned the hard way.  One hundred thirty dollars less and no humorous blog entry.  The cold, I don’t know what to do about except drink various herbal teas, keep hydrated and bring along a pharmacy of drugs to keep the snot from constantly running from my nose and to lessen the headaches.  Other than this seemingly run of crappy luck all  is on tract for me to leave Sunday for Florida.

I have the panniers all packed bringing my carrying weight at 20 pounds minus the tent and whatever food I will be packing. Not sure how much that will weigh in at. Planning for the weather has been a challenge. Yesterday, I was mowing grass in shorts, cutting down spring flowers and onions and today the morning temperature was in the 40’s.  To offset widely varying temperatures I have decided to bring clothes that I can layer. I can’t stand to be cold.  Maybe it’s my advancing age but it bothers me more and more every year.                                              38021133102_2f893e05f9_z                                         The kitten (Bonnie) will stay home this time!

I can’t think of anything else I may need and it’s not like we will be in the wilderness with no way to stop at a store to get what we may be lacking.  Despite the aforementioned setbacks I am very excited to be experiencing this adventure with my brother.

Three more work days and my contract is up until December, hopefully this trip will allow me some time to enjoy life for a while and enjoy nursing when I return.  I am ready!