Red Tailed Hawk

After working my three 12 hour shifts in the ER, nursing a sore shoulder from lifting very overweight people who somehow become totally immobile once entering the hospital it was time for a ride.  One of the best things my town has to offer is a pedestrian/biking trail. It is along the river that separates the “north side from the south side of town.  I live on the south side which has easy access to the river trail with little street riding (which can be dangerous) if you cut through the local park.

The Danville River Walk is a nine or so mile paved trail that follows the river with side trails that you can make into a 20 or more mile ride.  The city has actually worked very hard to make this a beautiful place. The wild life is abundant, turtles, birds, with a reemergence of the Eastern Bluebird due to the birdhouses along the trail, deer, ducks, beavers, and red-tailed hawks among many other animals live along the river. It is one of my most favorite places to be. I feel so connected when riding the trail.22639148_1945294459127096_2687513315172679680_n

I have a special connection with hawks, as crazy as it may sound I feel as if it is my “totem” animal.  I was riding along a quiet part of the trail and this beautiful plump hawk flew right beside me before turning towards the river. At that moment, I knew I was at the right place for me, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.


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